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Free Marketing Automation Technical Assessment

Currently, Measured Results Marketing is offering a FREE Basic Yeti-tech Assessment*. We have extensive experience in HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, and many more platforms.

During this assessment, the Yetis look under the hood of your Marketing Automation tool to analyze your current configuration and provide your organization with actionable advice on how to close technical gaps, improve data capture/accuracy, and better leverage key components of the software.

This assessment includes:

  • A review of the technical configuration of your Marketing Automation tool to identify any gaps.
  • A review of your current use of your Marketing Automation tool's product features to identify areas for improvement. (forms, workflows, lead scoring, etc.)
  • A review of your integration with your Sales CRM to recommend changes to integration settings, update rules, and fields/data. (If applicable)

Complete the form today to get the process started!

In order to conduct a FREE Basic Yeti-tech assessment, your organization must provide administrative access to the software instance being assessed.

Typically, evaluations are completed within 5-7 business days after system access is granted, however this may be extended based on demand. We reserve the right to deny a request for an evaluation for any reason.

We Understand Marketing Automation

Measured Results Marketing specializes in all things Marketing Automation including implementations, optimizing existing deployments, and integrating marketing automation platforms with Salesforce, and other platforms.

Our friendly Yetis are ready to optimally configure your portal to help achieve your demand generation goals.

We'll show you what contacts to market to, where your tech gaps might be, and how to uncover the value of the efforts that you've already put so much time and work into.