HubSpot Marketing Automation Self-Assessment

Does your Marketing Hub measure up?

Follow these easy steps to get your HubSpot Marketing Hub score, anonymously. Want a deeper dive? Request the full analysis!

  • Log into HubSpot
  • Enter your HubID (don't worry - we give you instructions below)
  • Click on the handy blue links in each question to get to the right part of your portal fast

1. How many contacts do you have in HubSpot?

Visit the Contacts page and find the number of records at the top of the page.

2. Do you have duplicate contacts or companies?

Visit the Manage Duplicates dashboard and review the Contacts and Companies tabs. Are any records listed?

3. Does your organization follow a naming convention for campaigns and campaign assets (emails, landing pages, etc.)?

Review the names of your Campaigns and Emails. Look for a naming convention that contains relevant information like deployment date, target segment, marketing strategy, etc. Check whether the convention is used consistently across campaigns and whether it matches the associated emails or other assets.

Visit the Properties settings page and search for the fields named above. In the Name column, this page will list any fields that match the search, and will note the type of field under each name. Note whether these fields are Dropdown type.

5. Are subdomains configured for landing pages and blogs, if relevant?

Visit the Domain Settings page and find the Primary Domains section, if present. Confirm whether a domain is listed for Landing Pages, and for Website if the site is hosted on HubSpot. If there is a message like "Let's get started", this means nothing has been configured.

You're more than half-way there...

5a. Are email sending domains configured and verified?

Again on the Domain Settings page, look for the Email Sending Domains section and confirm whether an email sending domain is listed and has a green dot with "connected". If this section is absent or blank, this means nothing has been configured.

6. Are you using workflows to automate emails?

Visit this filtered list of Marketing Emails, and look for any published emails with 1 or more sends completed. Published emails will say "Published Automated Email" under the email name, and the "Sent" column can be accessed with the "Edit Columns" button at the top.

7. Are you using lead scoring to automate your MQL process?

Visit the Properties settings page and change the filter at the top of the page from "All Field Types" to "Score". Are there any fields besides the built-in HubSpot Score? If not, click to edit HubSpot Score; have any Attribute blocks been set in the section at the bottom?

8. Is your HubSpot instance synced to Salesforce?

Visit the Integrations dashboard. Is Salesforce listed?

9. Are you using HubSpot to publish and track your social media posts?

Visit your page in HubSpot. Are there any social media posts being tracked or sent through HubSpot?


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